Ralf Willer

Folienabdichtung, Dachbegrünung,
Schwimmteiche,Zierbecken, Koiteiche

Hamdorfer Weg 7, D - 23795 Negernbötel
Kreis Segeberg,
Tel. 0 45 51 / 99 34 51
E-Mail: info@folien-willer.de, www.folien-willer.de

Für alle Dacharbeiten gelten die Regeln des Reisegewerbes nach §55 GewO



In pool or on the roof: trendy decoration with signal effect..

Koi ponds
Exotic fishes in your garden

Green roofs

There are many ecological and economical functions and effects of Green Roofs which are gaining importance. Other than the "beautiful natural look" there are other benefits Green Roofs offer, such as a greater lifespan and the opportunity to save energy (due to increased heat protection).

Because of its form and the green roof this bungalow fits perfectly in the natural environment.

Due to its flowing shape and Green Roof this bungalow fits perfectly in the natural environment.

This Green Roof does not only look beautiful, but also significantly contributes to heat protection.

Underneath the roof is a carport and on top is a colourful sea of flowers including an intact habitat.

The perfect match: a natural wood house with a Green Roof.

A seating area in the green – relaxing overlooking the roofs of the city.

A green roof in full bloom – beautiful colours instead of roofing.

More impressions in our diashow

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